Fewer, Finer

“Fewer, finer” is a mantra we’ve been living with at Lions in Four for a while now. It’s a phrase that reminds us that life isn’t about having a lot of stuff. It’s about making wise decisions about the things we do add to our life, and choosing to add things with meaning and value. For us, most the time that means cutting back on quantity and focusing on quality.


We began using “fewer, finer” to describe our closets. Instead of loading up on clothes and accessories for bargain basement prices, we look for timeless pieces that are made well and will last us for years. But we realized this fewer, finer idea can apply to a lot of areas of our life.

Fewer, finer is a concept we will continually re-visit on our journey. For now, here are the first steps you can take to pursue “fewer, finer” in your life!.

1.       DECIDE:  List what areas you want to pursue the fewer finer life.  (For Example: Your closet, relationships, obligations, purchasing habits, the charities you give to, etc.)

2.       DE-CLUTTER:  Within those areas of focus, get rid of anything adding noise and stress to your life.

3.      DELIGHT:  MOST IMPORTANTLY! Add in the beautiful things that make life fine!

Scroll down to see how I’m implementing fewer, finer in my life

Julie Headshot 2014sized

1.      Define: I am going fewer, finer with my closet, my purchases, and my relationships.

2.      De-clutter: I cleared out my closet and donated all the excess that was gathering dust to a local women’s shelter. Now, each time I make a purchase I ask myself, “Does this make my life easier and more beautiful…or is this adding to the chaos?”  The answer to this always seems abundantly clear. In my relationships, I am making quality time with close friends a priority, and am working on being more vulnerable and real with the women in my life.

3.      Delight: Adding beauty into my life is so much fun!!  In my closet I’m beginning to buy summer items for next year (they are on sale right now so I can buy finer things!)  In my purchases I am buying strategic pieces that build a great wardrobe. (My latest purchase was a designer trench jacket that I can wear as a dress or with jeans.)  In my relationships I’m entertaining more often but with less fuss. For instance, I cater in the meal and set the table with a beautiful table cloth and fresh vase of flowers…then I sit back and enjoy the people!

Please leave us comments about how you’re pursuing fewer, finer in your life!

See you back her on the blog Friday!

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