Fashion Reflects Our Global Values, And The Future Looks Sustainable

Sustainable. Ethically sourced. Eco-friendly.

These buzzwords have become more mainstream as the fashion world wakes up to its highly contaminating, often de-humanizing production process. Big names in the industry like Nike are taking baby steps towards change, Marie Claire published its first Sustainable Fashion issue in August of 2017, and sustainable pioneers like Patagonia continue to lead the way.

Although one could argue that this has been a long time coming, fashion is considered as both a reflection of our global values and a conversation starter. As today’s leaders begin to focus on our environment and how the human race impacts our world, the fashion industry is taking its cue.

Lions in Four was founded with this conscious, mindful mindset as a priority.

With a vision to be the first luxury brand built by the people, Lions in Four is focused on products that elevate the community without sacrificing style. We do this by creating products that are customized by hand. Truly, each purchase is very meaningful to our artisans.

“Our community may be connected through fashion, but our ties run deeper than what we wear on the surface,”

 -Lions in Four Founder, Julie Martin

By practicing transparency, ethical sourcing, and considering environmental impact, Lions in Four relies on these values as pillars of the brand, rather than just trendy buzzwords.

You can join the sustainable revolution by investing in quality made pieces that will survive the test of time or purchasing secondhand. Whichever you choose, know your actions positively impact the lives that touch each individual garment and accessory in your closet.

Happy sustainable shopping! Need more inspiration on picking out sustainable products? We’ve got you covered. Check out our favorite snuggle-worthy sweaters and rich berry items we’re loving this winter.

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