Trendy to Timeless: Achieving Ageless Fashion

Trends come and go, but style lasts forever. At Lions in Four, we believe in developing a sophisticated, socially-responsible style that will outlast fleeting fads.


So what does a lasting personal style look like as time goes by? While every woman’s style is unique, there are several key tricks that can keep you looking fashionable without looking dated.

If you’ve invested in basic pieces you have a great platform to start with. Check out our “Fewer, Finer” post for inspiration on investing in quality pieces. An example of a staple garment is the “Clara Tunic” from Liz Alig. This lightweight chambray top can be casually styled with black leggings or paired with dress pants and a bold cuff for the workplace. It comes from a small factory in Cambodia focused on paying fair wages and working with recycled fabrics, making this a responsible purchase.


Be careful when trying to emulate styles you see on television or in magazines. Celebrities and models are usually wearing current trends, which means these pieces will likely be on their way out before too long. Avoid buying whatever flashy look is trending, and instead focus on purchasing ethical pieces you can wear with anything. A staple piece of jewelry is a long necklace. This accessory can be paired with almost any sweater, and looks great over tops with high necklines.


Another trick is to focus on one or two ways to insert color. Sometimes fashion goes the way of color explosion – like with color blocking or splatter-painted materials. Keep your look poised and modern by wearing neutrals with one main pop of color. This can highlight your best feature, such as a bright pair of earrings to show off your graceful neck and jawline. If you want to liven up a simple gray top, drape a fuchsia scarf over your shoulders. Focusing on a central piece helps you adjust your style to match your mood while maintaining your polished overall look.




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