Who and what is behind the Lion?

People make this brand. I can’t be more matter-of-fact about it.

On Tuesday, we told you about how Lions in Four got its start. It involved a train, a nun, a non-profit, and me – a fashion student studying in Paris at the time. Now, it’s time to tell you how Lions in Four has evolved and who makes it tick.

Spoiler Alert: I don’t do this alone!

Since meeting Sister Jessy in 2002, my Lions in Four journey has continued to connect me with the right people at the right time.

The first of those people was Sheila Martinsen. When I met Sheila, she had more than 20 years of experience as in-house legal counsel, and she was dreaming of a way to use her skills and talents to help women and children. One trip to India and Sheila was hooked. Today, we’re partners.


The second group of people behind our brand is our artisans in India. These are the women who touch every silk scarf and every silk lining to every bag with their hands. These women are the reason that each product coming out of Lions in Four is one of a kind. We have worked hard to build relationships with these artisans, and strive to be a source of consistent employment and fair wages.


The third group of people behind the brand is our customers. We like to say that our brand is all about elevating. When our customers make a purchase, they elevate their wardrobes and simultaneously elevate the lives of women on the other side of the world.

The fourth group of people are our suppliers and vendors. Diving into a supply chain can be murky. Take it from us- it’s hard to tell where every last thread and every last piece of hardware is coming from. We have partnered with some of the best suppliers in the world to make sure that all of our products are responsibly sourced and crafted. This is an ongoing process.

In short, Lions in Four has a big vision…

We want to be a luxury brand built by the people.

To us, that means building relationships with everyone who touches the brand, and creating quality products that elevate lives.

Thanks for joining us on this journey! Come back for new blog posts every Tuesday and Friday. More news coming soon!


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