Create your best year yet with this storytelling technique

Dust the confetti off your notebook, it’s time to get down to business in 2018! As you reflect and prepare for the new year ahead, what are you doing to ensure you have your best year yet? It’s easy to get started with positive momentum pushing you in the early months, but those feelings often fade. By March, only a glimmer of New Year’s glitter and excitement remain and resolutions start to slip. Don’t let this happen to you! This year, make an addition to your planning and goal setting by choosing a theme to help guide your year.

Theme is an integral part of any good story. Its unifying nature ties actions, plot lines, and characters together and helps guide the story in the right direction. Just as it is present in books and movies, you too, can create a theme to help tell your story in 2018.

Choosing Your Word

  1. Think about some of the goals you know you want to accomplish. Want to run a marathon? Launch your own business? Travel more? Write out the things you want to accomplish and make that your starting point.
  2. Look at your goals. Are any of them similar or related? You may be able to pick your theme based on the goals you’ve already set.
  3. Think abstract. Do you want to be more intentional? Focus on relationship building? Disconnect more often? Play out some scenarios in your head of what you want your year to look like. What are some action steps you can take now and plan for the future to help support these more abstract goals.


Once you have a grasp on the story you want to tell for 2018, it’s time to choose your theme! Write it down on a piece of paper or print it out and place it somewhere you will see often to remind yourself of the beautiful story you want to live out.

Throughout the year, use your word or phrase to help guide the big changes and little day to day activities. If tough decisions come along or you start to fall off track with your goals, revisit your theme and the reasons why you chose it to help reset your actions.

If choosing one word for an entire year is too big of a commitment, try breaking your year into quarters. Every three months, choose a theme to guide you and then change it up when the new quarter rolls around!

Cheers to the New Year! Let us know what story you’ll be telling in 2018 by commenting below or connect with us on social! #LIFCommunity #jointhejourney

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