Fashion Friday: Mastering The Classics

You’ve been following the fewer, finer principles and now have an arsenal of classic pieces that fit your personal style. You’re happy with your choices, but there are a handful of classic items you have yet to try because they’re out of your comfort zone. Maybe you purchased that tube of bright red lipstick, but avoid wearing it because you’re still unsure if you can pull it off. Maybe you found the perfect pair of pumps but couldn’t imagine where you’d ever wear them, so they stayed at the store.

While our priority will always be following a fewer, finer philosophy, we still want to be stylish! Elevate your fewer, finer closet to new heights by mastering these daring yet, classic styles.

Red Lips

Red lipstick is as stunning as it is powerful. All it takes is a swipe or two to immediately transform your look, but it can be intimidating to put a color that bright on your face! The only tricky part is tracking down the most flattering red for you. If you have warm toned skin, look for a tube with undertones of orange. If your skin is on the cool side, track down a shade with a hint of blue. Head to a makeup counter and try out a few formulas and shades, and once you find the one that suits you, don’t be afraid to wear it. There’s no need to reserve it just for a night out. One of our favorite ways to wear a red lip is with our casual outfits. Tie your hair back into a low chignon, pop on your favorite white tee over jeans and you are ready to rock it!


Menswear-Inspired White Top

There’s something so alluring about a menswear-inspired button up on a woman. Make sure to be picky and take your time when choosing one for your wardrobe. Too crisp and you might begin to look like a waitress. Too boxy and it’ll swallow you! Focus on finding a piece that has a thick enough fabric not to be transpartent, but thin and flowing enough that you don’t lose your shape under stiff fabric. You want it to look flexible, not suited! Take it to a tailor if you need to make little adjustments to get the fit just right. By investing in a high-quality piece that fits your body, you’ll have a classic staple that you will wear for years.

Black Pumps

A timeless black heel is an investment piece that belongs in any fewer, finer wardrobe. Worn with a pencil skirt and buttoned silk blouse, they add a competent, authoritative feel. Of course, they will also look beautiful with just about any formal dress. For a less expected look, pop them on under a rolled up pair of fitted jeans and a simple top. One of the most important things here is finding a heel made with high-quality material and with a great fit. High-quality leather footwear shapes to you over time and ends up fitting like a glove, meaning you’ll reach for them day after day, which is exactly what we encourage you to do!


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