Introducing Pattern To Your Fewer Finer Collection

Incorporating bold patterns into a fewer, finer wardrobe presents an interesting challenge. You want your wardrobe to be as versatile and timeless as possible, but how does one maintain that balance when incorporating bold patterns?

It can be tricky, but with a focus on quality materials and classic shapes, learning to use pattern is quite simple. Be sure to avoid anything too trendy, and steer clear of fast fashion items. If the pattern is particularly loud, try to limit it to a small accent piece. When selected with a fewer finer approach, your new patterned pieces may become the most well-loved anchor pieces in your wardrobe.

Leopard – Leopard print is beautifully bold, but can make a wild statement if overused. Most elegantly incorporated in small doses, like on a belt or gently pointed flat, leopard print will add a chic feel to otherwise simple ensembles. We love the classic nature of leopard print in a simple flat like these.

The Point in Leopard, Rothy’s $145


Stripes – Stripes are among the most simple patterns to wear. A French-inspired horizontally striped top is essential to any closet, but it can be fun to incorporate a striped pattern in a more unexpected way. This belted dress is an instant classic with it’s flattering hue, feminine cut, and clean stripes.

The Cotton Collarless Belted Shirt Dress, Everlane $75


Dots – Polka dots have an indisputably fresh and preppy feel. Sport your dots on a trim tailored pant. Or, better yet, go for something a little more surprising! The delicately beaded dots on our silk Olivia Scarf makes it one of our favorite and most versatile patterned accessories.

Olivia Scarf in Beaded Peach, Lions in Four $128


Plaid – Plaid is essentially nostalgia in print, evoking feelings of cool weather and warm memories. Instead of the expected red plaid button down, pick a flowy print in crisp white for a modern twist, or this neutral, cozy wool sweater.

Ophelia Top in Black Wool Plaid, Amour Vert $148


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