Mindfulness Monday: Handling Holiday Stress

As much as we may gleefully anticipate a holiday season full of peace and joy and warm fuzzy feelings, it’s almost inevitable that we’ll also encounter a bit of unwelcome holiday stress. Fortunately, with some strategizing and self-care, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying your most relaxing and enjoyable winter season yet. Here are few tips to help you handle the hustle and bustle:

1. Organization is key. Be sure to stay organized by creating a hand-written calendar and lists to keep track of all your important tasks and appointments. Sometimes tracking it all digitally just isn’t enough! Visualizing your to-do list rather than keeping it all in your head will bring welcome peace of mind. Learn to enjoy the process of planning rather than the outcome alone.

2. Stay within budget. Before creating a list of everyone for whom you’ll be buying gifts, decide on a budget and stick to it! Frantic last-minute shopping is no fun, and neither is the sticker shock that comes from unplanned spending. If your budget is tight, remind yourself that it’s the thought that counts.


3. Think positive. One potential stressor that’s a little further out of your control can be the time spent with challenging relatives. Maybe the questions tend to get a little too personal or the conversation a little too political for your comfort. There’s not much you can do to change your family dynamics, so try your best to find some humor in it. Keep your disposition sunny and, before you head into stressful family gatherings, take time to reflect on the positive things you love about your family. Entering with a state of gratitude and thanksgiving will help ward off any negative feelings. Remember you’ll only have to endure it for a short time!

4. Spend time on self-care. If you want to finish out the year feeling relaxed rather than stressed, make a point of taking some time for yourself. Whether you find your zen with some quiet alone time or by going out to let off some steam, make sure that you don’t forget about you this holiday season.

How do you ward off holiday stress? Leave a comment below or tell us about it on social using #LIFCommunity #mindfulnessmonday.

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