Sustainable Living: Applying Fewer, Finer To Your Space

Your wardrobe isn’t the only thing that can be sustainable. The fewer, finer principles that you practice apply to all aspects of your life! If you’ve tackled your closet with success, it’s time to take what you’ve learned about fewer, finer to a new space: your home.

Your home, much like your closet, can bring you a sense of joy, but it can also add stress and chaos to your life. Before you reach for sustainable products to add to your space, think about slimming down what you already have.

Move through your house one room at a time. Since decluttering can be a painful process, tackle rooms with fewer personal items first, such as the kitchen or a bathroom. Go through the items in your room and evaluate using the same closet clarity principles you used when cleaning up your wardrobe. If you have a negative reaction to any of your items, it’s time to get rid of it. Donate and recycle what you can before you think about tossing.

Ask Yourself These Questions:
1. When was the last time you used it?
2. Is it damaged or worn out?
3. What is the emotional connection or how does it serve you?
4. Is it true to the signature style of your home?


When the time comes to purchase new, expand your search to sustainable products. There are numerous places you can look to find goodies like these. Try shopping locally and pick up items made by artisans in your area or look for marketplaces that sell sustainable products. Do Good Co. is a Kansas City-based company that offers home goods, apparel, and accessories that give back. Do a search in your area and see what you can find!

Try expanding your search to companies that are on a larger scale that have sustainable products as well. The Little Market is a great example. This nonprofit was founded by women with a goal to empower women. They have a wide variety of products from candles and bags to kitchen goods and gifts that are fair trade and ethically sourced. Raven and Lily is another option. Their product variety is slim, but what they do have falls perfectly in line with the fewer, finer principles. We love all of their plush pillows.

Don’t forget to clean up your products, too. Sustainable and eco-friendly cleaning products are available for your home from a variety of brands. One of our favorites is Mrs. Meyers. Check out the Grove Collaborate, a marketplace for eco-friendly household brands, for more inspiration.

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