Mindfulness Monday: Always Be Learning

Information is abundant. You walk around with a mini computer in your back pocket, standing at the ready. In seconds, you can have your answer to almost any question. This isn’t something we should take for granted. Technology can open your world to new things. The trick is to not let it become a tool of instant gratification that supplies what you need in the moment while you forget it ten minutes later. So, turn new information into actual knowledge and make it your goal to always be learning.

Having the mentality to always be learning sets you up for continuous improvement and growth. No matter your age, you can learn something new and apply it to your life for the better. If you want to always be learning, here are a few things you can do! Hint: You don’t always need technology.

1. Read
Open up a book. No matter the genre you choose, there’s something to learn from the words inside the books you choose. With just a few pages, you can expand your vocabulary, let your imagination play, and gain new insight on topics that interest you. If you can, find something different than you would normally choose. If you want some suggestions on what to read first, check out our fall reading list.


2. Stay Up To Date
Know what’s going on by staying up to date with current news. This doesn’t have to be limited to what is reported on your local or national news. Think about what causes are important to you. Do you like technology? Human rights? Sustainable fashion? Set up alerts to receive articles that come out on the topics that interest you. Even if it is a small dose, staying up to date can give you a broader perspective on life.

3. Try Something New
Oftentimes, people avoid new things because it’s scary. It can be uncomfortable, but you’ll grow and learn from the discomfort. Try out a new hobby that interests you like a cooking or a calligraphy class. You may find you have a talent for something you never imagined, and you’ll learn something in the process.


4. Expand Your Friend Group
People tend to gravitate toward others who think like them. However, just surrounding yourself with people who think differently than you can open you up to new learning opportunities. Try it out! You may be surprised at where a conversation can go and what you can learn.

What are you doing to always be learning? Share with us by commenting below or sharing on social using #LIFCommunity #jointhejourney

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