That Something, Something Everyone’s Looking For

Some women have that extra fire burning inside of them. You feel the energy radiating off of them. You’re drawn to them. You can’t help but look. You think it’s confidence, but that description falls short. Do you know what it is?

It’s called gumption.

This word encompasses all of the things a women on fire has: savviness, spunk, common sense, poise, moxie. Who wouldn’t want all of those powerful traits.

To have gumption isn’t easy. There’s hard work involved. You go after your goals, stand up for what you believe in, and seek new challenges. Through all of this you are calm and honest and brave.

You may be thinking “who can embody ALL of those things at once?” Well, it’s not out of reach for you, or for anyone. If you want to add some chutzpah to your step, here’s what you can do.

1. It starts with your mindset. No one can embody all of what it means to have gumption without a positive attitude and a strong sense of identity. Get comfortable in your skin. Learn your weaknesses, learn your strengths and just be unapologetically you.

2. Never stop learning. With knowledge readily available, there is no excuse to avoid challenging yourself to learn and try new things. Invest in yourself and get ready to see something change inside of you. To get started, try picking up an encouraging book or listening to a podcast that sparks your interest. Sign up for a class, or attend a free webinar online related to something you’re interested in. Opportunities to learn are endless.


3. Set goals and get ready to fight for them. Obstacles will arise and try to bring you down. Recognize that good things can take time, and may require you to jump over a few hurdles, but it will be worth it in the end. Set yourself up for success by mapping out everything you’ll need to reach your end goal. This will give you the recipe, something to look back on, for guidance along the way.

4. Celebrate your wins and the wins of others. People with gumption don’t see the success of other women as a threat, they see it as inspiration. There’s enough stuff out there to bring people down, don’t add to it. When the chances arise, speak the good you see in others. Don’t forget to celebrate your successes too. You deserve a win just as much as everyone else. With so much encouragement happening you’ll inspire others to do the same.

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