Seeking Closet Clarity? Ask Yourself These 4 Questions

It’s time, once and for all, to remove those items from your closet that no longer serve you. You’ll be surprised what a little clarity in your closet can bring to your life. By cleaning things up you can free up your mind and save time when it comes to putting together your daily ensemble. Here are four questions to ask yourself to help with the process.

1. When did you wear it last?

If you haven’t worn a piece of clothing or an accessory in over a year, it’s time you give that item the boot. This is a given, but we all try to pull, “but what if I have [insert special event/occasion] this item would be perfect for?” We try to justify holding on to that item much longer than we should. Just let it go.
Tip: Make this process easier by evaluating your closet after every season. As we transition to fall, look at your summer items. Are there pieces hanging around that you never touched? Those are the items to remove.

2. Is it damaged, stained, or worn out?

If you’ve rocked a piece so long that the only thing holding it together are a few threads, lay it to rest and invest in a new one. If it is damaged and you’ve been meaning to repair it, pull it from your closet and stitch it up. If it isn’t fixed within a month, you weren’t missing it enough in the first place.
Tip: Any pieces that you have that are damaged beyond repair, look for programs in your area that recycle items. Don’t just donate them to a shelter to get them off your hands – non-profits have enough unusable junk to sort through.

3. Does it make you feel confident?

If the item doesn’t make you feel good when you wear it, why hold onto it? It won’t magically change overnight into something you love. Get rid of all the poor fitting or unflattering items from your closet and keep this in mind when buying new. Make sure it really fits the first time before you buy.
Tip: You don’t need those “skinny” clothing items you’ve been holding on to as motivation for years. Keep one piece if you must, then donate the rest.

4. Is it true to your signature style?

If you don’t know what your signature style is, now’s the time to figure it out. Look at your closet. Are there trends in colors, shapes, or patterns? Map out what your favorite pieces are, what colors compliment your skin tone, what styles look good on you, etc. This is your style. Aim for simplicity so items can be mixed and matched easily.
Tip: Any outliers that don’t look like the rest of your closet can be let go. Chances are it’s a piece you picked up because of a “good deal” or it was needed for a specific occasion.

Each time you remove items, look to sell, swap or share your items through donation. Research places in your area outside of your general Salvation Army or Goodwill. Shelters often have specific items needed depending on the season.

If you can’t sort through your threads every season, try to go through your items at least once a year to keep your closet in check.

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