Mindfulness Monday: The Comparison Game

Comparing ourselves to others. We all do it. In a world where accomplishments and picture-perfect moments can be shared in a matter of seconds, you see everyone’s best. Immediately you compare what one woman is trying to accomplish to what you’re striving to do.

We must stop. This way of thinking isn’t good for ourselves or for those around us. It’s time to focus less on comparing and more on elevating the lives of the women around us.

Even before social media became the norm, we’ve been curious about what other people are doing. No one is at fault here, people are fascinating to watch. However, the observation part isn’t the problem. The issue is what stirs up inside of us.

When you see another woman succeeding, another woman with undeniable beauty, another woman meeting her goals, what is your gut reaction? You may say “good for them,” but are you being truthful?

Often times when we observe greatness, it triggers emotions, and not good ones. Desire, comparison, and self-doubt rear their not-so-pretty heads, and target either the person you see succeeding, or they target you.

“Another women’s beauty isn’t the lack of your own”


Why do we do this? Just because someone else is killing it in the workplace or has a rocking body, doesn’t make them a threat to you and what you’re trying to accomplish. Even if they have similar goals or are in the same industry, everyone has something unique to bring to the world.

Life is hard enough and we don’t need to make it harder on ourselves or each other. Women still struggle to have equal wages as men across all fields and industries. We still have gender roles to break down. We still have social norms to overcome. The world is hurling enough obstacles at us, so there’s no point in adding to the mess.


When you see someone succeeding, think about what it has taken for her to get where she is today. Think about what you have overcome to get to where you are today. If it has been a battle for you, then it probably has been for her too.

Start celebrating the success of other women. When you see greatness, talk about it. Share it on those social channels you love so much. Offer up encouragement. Make “get it girl!” your catch phrase. Join forces with other women and watch what can happen. Because together we are better. Together we are a force that can conquer the world.

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