Getting Past The Price Tag

We live in a time where fashion moves fast. What used to be an industry composed of 4 seasons that aligned with the changing weather. Now there are anywhere from 11 to 15 seasons, and companies are creating new “seasons” all of the time. Clothes are thrown together with lesser-quality materials in order to keep store shelves stocked and product moving. But these pieces aren’t made to last. Their lifespan is short and bittersweet.

Don’t give into fast fashion. Invest in the life of your clothing and accessories. Yes, you’ll most likely be paying more on the front end, but your dollar will stretch much further when you’re able to rock pieces year after year.


If you’re having a hard time getting over a higher ticket price consider the following:


Stop and think about the life of a product. Where has it been? What has it seen?  Who has it met? To ensure your clothing had a healthy upbringing, look for companies that are transparent and sustainable. You’ll rest easy knowing your clothing and accessories were made responsibly, and the extra dollars you spent are helping to build a healthier fashion industry.


Consider the style of the product. Is this piece timeless? Is it made of quality materials? If you answered ‘yes,’ you’re on the right track. So much waste comes from the textile industry (12.8 million tons in 2013) and you can help change this wastefulness by avoiding trendy and cheaply made items. These pieces go out of style or fall apart quickly, leaving you with two options: donate or trash them. Instead, fill your closet with classic, quality items that reflect your style and can withstand the test of time.


Think about how often you will have the opportunity to wear this piece. The more opportunities to wear an item of clothing or use an accessory, the larger the investment you can make based on the price per wear.

Ticket Price divided by How Many Times You Can Wear equals Price Per Wear

For instance, a simple cardigan in a neutral color could be worn year-round verses a loud print summer dress that’s limited to warmer seasons. You’ll get a lot more wear-time for the cardigan so you can invest a little more. Yes, you’ll have to estimate how often you could use a piece, but for general purposes this tool is great if you’re having a hard time deciding if a pricier item is really worth it.

Want to learn more about some of the brands we love? Check out our list of transitional staples . With fall approaching quickly, use these guides to help decide what pieces you should be adding to your wardrobe.

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