Mindfulness Monday: Own Your Schedule

Ever feel like your life is ruled by the clock? You can change that. Take control of your time and start owning it, before it owns you.

There’s excitement in the air. It’s palpable. What you’re feeling is the start of a new school year, the start of a new season, the start of new routines. The flurry that surrounds fall gives reason to rejoice, but you have to be careful. The busy life can sneak up on you. It can send you into a tailspin of meetings, weekend activities, and travel. Before you know it, it’s January and you’re left wondering where the time went.

That doesn’t have to be your story. With just a few changes, you can elevate your routine to a new level and start setting yourself up for success.

1. Wake Up Early

Sleep is a slippery subject. It’s one of the hardest things to change and everyone has their own ideas about it. Being awake for just a few extra minutes in the morning allows you to accomplish things you would otherwise push aside. Aim to wake up 30 minutes earlier than your normal time. Use this time to read a few pages in a book, journal, sip your coffee in peace, or get a workout in. If you’re intentional with this new sliver of time, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.


2. Become A Planner

There’s no need to plan out your day down to the minute, but small changes help ease stress and save time. Plan and prep your meals in advance or choose your outfits the night before you plan to wear them. Any activity that doesn’t require heavy brain power, but tends to suck your time, should be a focus.

3. Set Goals

Personal and professional goals must be a priority. How else can you build your schedule if you don’t know what you want? Set time aside to design your future for the short and long term. And don’t forget to plan out concrete steps you need to take in order to achieve your goals. For short term, it can be as simple as making a to-do list for the day and the week. For long term goals, set milestones to aim for along the way. Giving yourself opportunities for little wins will keep you motivated as you strive to reach big goals.


4. Know When To Say No

Trying to make everyone happy shouldn’t be your goal. You cannot do it all, and if you try, you’ll run yourself ragged. Get used to saying “no.” Just because you turn down an opportunity, doesn’t mean you’re missing out or being selfish. It means you value your time and want to use it wisely. Ask yourself tough questions when deciding to take on something new. Questions like, “Does taking this opportunity mean less time with your family?” “Does it help you reach your personal or professional goals?” If the answer is no, then you need to let that opportunity slide on by. Something better will come your way.

We love to see what the #LIFCommunity does to stay grounded! Have any tips that help you stay in control of your schedule? Let us know! Comment below or show us your routine on social.

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