Ethical Wedding Bells Are Ringing!

Wedding season is upon us. Whether you are recently engaged, preparing to tie the knot, the M.O.B. or a doting guest, there is no denying that weddings are an exciting time in a couple’s life. There’s also no ignoring that they are a big investment for everyone involved. Here are four ways to make sure the money you’re investing in the big day makes an impact in more ways than one.

  • For the bride, it is a rite of passage to find the perfect white dress. When starting your search, think about extending your options to eco-friendly designers. Dress designers such as Minna and Celia Grace offer gowns made of sustainable and organic materials. The styles offered are perfect for the boho bride, or for any beach wedding.celia-michon-115006
  • When choosing registry items, look for companies with a mission to give back. You’ll know that each item received, came from a company that has a bigger picture in mind. The popular wedding site The Knot has a giving program that will donate up to 3% of qualified purchases to the charity of your choice. You can also set up a fundraising page in your name for guests to donate to in lieu of bringing a gift. Choose an organization that both you and your spouse support.


  • Most weddings end with a big celebration. If you have the ability to bring in your own food and drink, choose local breweries and bakeries to fuel your party. Better yet, reach for items from companies like One Hope who donates profits from every bottle sold. Their sparkling champagne bottles are the perfect addition to any head table.


  • When the festivities come to a close, consider donating your dress.  If the dress is something you can part with, organizations like The Bridal Garden and Brides for a Cause will happily take your gown. They both operate as non-profits and make charitable donations with the money earned through recycling wedding dresses.




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