How $45 could help our LIF Foundation reach a MAJOR milestone

We are on the brink of reaching a BIG goal with our Lions in Four Foundation – but we need your help.

The Lions in Four Foundation has teamed up with a Kansas City-based organization in an effort that could keep our artisans employed all year long. The organization is called The Grooming Project – and they have commissioned our artisan training center to create dog collars, leashes and bandannas.

Here’s the catch: If the Grooming Project sells $10,000 worth of our product in the next 11 days, we will have the opportunity to pitch our products to Petsmart. With a big box deal like Petsmart, we could take our artisans from reliable seasonal work, to reliable employment all year long. That’s big.

About our Training Center

The Lions in Four Foundation launched 10 years ago in an effort to help educate women, empower them to earn a sustainable living, and raise children with the hope of a bright future. Today, we have an artisan training center where women learn skills like sewing, weaving and dying. We employ artisans to create the silk elements of our Lions in Four product lines, but we know some of the best opportunities for our artisans come through brand partnerships. By teaming up with organizations like The Grooming Project and stores like Petsmart, we can employ more artisans, for longer periods of time.

About The Grooming Project

The Grooming Project helps raise single mothers and their children out of poverty in the Kansas City metro-area. The organization trains moms who are struggling to make ends meet, to groom and care for dogs. After training, they help place the women in reliable jobs that start at $30k annually, setting them on a track toward financial stability and future success. The Grooming Project touts 100% job placement, and is doing amazing things to transform lives in the Kansas City area.

Help support the artisans with Lions in Four Foundation by pre-ordering your pet products today. A full three-piece set only costs $45! If you don’t have a pet, consider purchasing a key chain for $15, or making a donation for as little as $5. Every bit helps!

All purchases and donations can be made here!

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Thank you for your continued support for the Lions in Four Foundation!

One thought on “How $45 could help our LIF Foundation reach a MAJOR milestone

  1. This project is so important – We all are privileged to be able to help so many with such a small jesture and amount from each of us OR we can just make a large or small donation. (I am pledging to do both order and donate this morning ) . Single Mom’s in Kansas City and the U.S. and other countries as well need our help . Please help make the Goal . Everyone have a Great Day . God Bless!


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