Recharge with “One Thing” this Spring

Trying to add some mindfulness to your life? Taking some “me time” totally qualifies as a step toward mindful living.

A new season is here, and it’s a great time to start investing in you.

We often try to accomplish so much in a day, spreading ourselves thin, running from one activity to the next. Soon the day is over, another week passes and we have barely taken time to just breathe.

It’s time to take a breath and bring a boost of much needed energy into your life.

Where will this energy come from you may ask? No, it is not just from the sun that is actually still up when you leave the office. Just like your cellphone needs to be plugged in as it loses energy, we all need time to recharge. You find energy by “plugging in” to something you are passionate about. Something that brings you joy.

I challenge you to pick just one thing you want to make happen this spring.

One thing that recharges you.

One thing.

Have you been putting off reading that book you bought months ago? Have you been meaning to reconnect with your group of girlfriends who you have not seen in since the holidays? Have you always wanted to take a camping trip in the Pacific Northwest? Have you been thinking about picking up a new hobby?

Whatever it may be, pick one thing that you know will allow you to reconnect with yourself and/or others.

For me, I think my “one thing” will be taking up a new hobby. I am leaning towards paddleboarding, but I am definitely open to suggestions!

What will your one thing be this spring? The more we share something we want to accomplish, the more likely we are to accomplish it.

We would love for you to share your one thing in the comments section below!

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