3.5 billion reasons to be different

Unity is over-rated.

There are more than 3.5 billion of us women on this planet and we are wonderfully different from each other in 3.5 billion different ways.

Lions in Four believes in a world where women are empowered. Period.

We want to be part of a movement where women from opposite world views can connect to one another by their common thread of human-ness.

Where women can boldly create space for each other’s differences.

Standing on a soapbox is easier than sharing the microphone. Sitting in silence is easier than participating in a conversation. Staying in your bubble is easier than opening yourself up to the opinions and scrutiny of our billions of global neighbors.

We need women to share the microphone, participate in conversation and get out of their bubble.

Wednesday is International Women’s Day. It’s a great day to join the movement. 

At Lions in Four and the Lions in Four Foundation, National Women’s Day means another opportunity to advance our vision of women’s empowerment and children’s advancement. It means connecting women across culture, religion, race and world view. It means being bold for women everywhere because they are valuable and deserving of happiness and opportunity.

If our rally cry was for women everywhere to band together under a single banner of belief, identity or opinion, we’d be missing the whole point. It’s okay to be different, even when those differences are held taut in uncomfortable tension.

Whether you see the world in black, white or shades of grey, we’re asking simply for you to stand up and be bright, bold and beautiful you.

We’re asking you to open yourself up to a world where people are different. We’re asking you to participate in life by embracing strength and courage as positive attributes, and find ways to make this world a little better than you found it.

Let us rephrase: Unity is over-rated in sameness.

It’s time we found unity because we are different.


We’re in this together,

Your Lions in Four Team

Ready to start inspiring change in yourself and others? Join our Lions in Four Community so we can help plug you in now!

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