8 Ethical Fashion Bloggers to Watch in 2017

We love discovering new ideas and styles from the ethical fashion community. Finding the value in ethical brands and products, while sharing fresh style tips, makes for a top-notch blogger. Here are seven bloggers to watch this year for interesting fashion advice and great recommendations on how to make your closet more eco- and socially-conscious.

Let’s Be Fair: A lifestyle and beauty blog perfect for anyone seeking style inspiration or responsible retailer recommendations. They believe “that a thoughtful and ethical lifestyle can be stylish, affordable, and fun.”

Life+Style+Justice: A blog for men and women, focused on “sustainable living with an emphasis on social justice.” This blog by Hannah Theisen inspires readers with new twists on old fashion trends, prolonging the use of tried-and-true pieces. Check out their post titled “Not the New Black” for a reminder on why ethical fashion matters.

View More: http://alex-ry.pass.us/101416

Simply Liv & Co: Olivia is all about simplifying! She shares great information and product reviews, all on ethically sourced brands. Even better, her blog details tips and tricks for simplifying areas of your life outside your wardrobe too!img_72231
The Good Trade: This blog seeks to discover “brands, products, and ideas creating a positive social change.” We are enamored with their chic, simplistic aesthetic and their focus on vetting companies who are making a positive impact on the fashion industry. Expect to see style guides as well as lifestyle pieces.

Birds of a Thread: Blogger Jacqui Palhegyi is a lover of beautiful clothes and accessories, and a supporter of socially responsible fashion. She features ethical clothing trends paired with gorgeous photos of unique products. She also highlights looks from her own closet and provides an “Ethical Shopping Guide” page.jacqui_1

EcoChicks: A blog with a great focus on environmentally friendly fashion and beauty. They challenge readers to be both fashion-forward and environmentally conscious. In their own words, an Eco-Chick is “a person who works, in whatever ways are in their power, to reduce their impact, keep informed, and stand up for human, animal and planetary health.” Sounds like our kind of people.

Narrow Collective: Launched by a couple childhood friends, this blog shines light on “cause-driven fashion, designs, and trends.” The blog provides helpful background information on the companies featured and stellar photos that show off each look.


Sasstainable: Entrepreneur Angela Wallace’s passion for the environment and corporate social responsibility has led her to inspire others through her blog. She features brands and ideas that positively impact the environment and the people making the products. She writes a ton about fashion, but also gives insight on beauty, food, lifestyle, and family living.

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