4 Keys to Mindful Fashion

Closets can be a place of chaos. On Tuesday, we talked about how to live a mindful life. Being mindful in your fashion choices can seem like a small thing, but trust us – mindful purchases can go a long way!

Here are our four steps to integrating mindfulness into your wardrobe:

  1.  Choose quality over quantity:  You will look more polished AND contribute to a healthier planet in the process.img_3526
    About 12 million tons of textile waste is generated each year in North America, or 68 pounds of waste per household, according to Eartheasy.com. That’s unacceptable! Check out this video to learn more about “Fast Fashion.”
  2.  Don’t get overwhelmed: It’s very difficult to find brands that are looking out for the wages of laborers. When you find a few brands you love, begin to buy key pieces from them. (See the documentary “The True Cost” on Netflix…you will never look at clothes the same). Due to the rise of fast fashion and ultra-low pricing strategies you will not find many brands that truly look out for human rights.

A few we love:  Everlane, Eileen Fisher, Maiyet, Urban Zen, and of course Lions in Four!

  1.  Wear ONLY things that make you feel gorgeous:  It’s fun to follow trends, and it keeps your look fresh, but only follow a trend if it works for you. On the flip side, as we get older we underestimate the fun that trends can add to our look and the confidence they can give us when we really rock one. Keep it classy but try adding one unexpected touch to your outfit. It could be an interesting shoe, an unexpected color combo, or the use of a traditional item in a new way (like we did with this ring!)img_26ringblurr

Your look when you walk out the door does affect how you feel, so don’t underestimate the power of your wardrobe!

4.  Be intentional when you shop: Spend some time thinking about what colors and silhouettes work best for you. Then begin building a beautiful wardrobe full of TRANSITIONAL pieces that follow those guidelines. For me, it works best to stick to a color theme in my closet so I can easily mix and match items, and I steer clear of buying anything that I can only wear for one occasion.


If you have a favorite brand that looks out for their people and for the planet, share in the comments below!

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